Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

by Laurel Borrowman

The editor/art director relationship is an interesting one. It represents the struggle to balance creativity with constraints. Every month Jaz, the art director, and I, have our share of ups and downs at Discorder, whether it’s a band I’ve slated to feature who just happened to break up a week before production, or an illustration submitted for a feature that had to get canned. It’s funny behind the scenes sometimes.

This final issue of 2012 was a bit backwards. While contemplating the JanCember cover, nothing was really getting me jazzed. But if one thing does, it’s a list: digestible bites of Best-Ofs and Worst-Ofs; the stuff that churns up banter and opinion-spouting galore, while recounting a year’s worth of highs and lows. We ask for staff picks each year, so I figured we should ask for our artist’s picks this year, too. Cover solution? A visual list! A photographic tribute to all the great bands and artists we’ve featured in the past 10 issues. Clad in ridiculous sweaters and funny head adornments, obviously.

When I announced this group portrait scheme to accompany the feature to Jaz, the look of horror on his face was indeed discomfiting. Logistical nightmare? Yes. Impossible. No. And we did it. While some of the bands were on the road or just busy, I think we wrangled together a pretty great cross section of the talent that we covered in 2012.

Speaking of wrapping things up, the SHiNDiG finals shake down on December 4 at the Railway Club. Be sure to visit us again in February, when you’ll get to read all about the winner. Another bonus is the anniversary calendar we made for Discorder’s 30th birthday, featuring 30 covers from 30 years of this fine publication. Perfect gift? Probably. Visit to buy yours while they last.

And with that, 2012 is basically over. I almost can’t believe it. What a year it’s been, and what a year we have to look forward to. 2013, here we come.

Read on and stay rad,

Laurel Borrowman