They say (CiTR’s music director Luke Meat says) that nothing is like your first time at South By Southwest. If bands are your addiction, then…

Babe Rainbow

Cameron Reed is perhaps best known in Vancouver for his work with Music Waste and Only magazine, but he is also Babe Rainbow, a DJ…

How to be a DJ: Part 2

In part one of this series, we looked at some of the technical aspects of getting started as a DJ: equipment, resources, practice and developing…

Bison B.C.

Since the release of their debut album Earthbound in 2007, Vancouver’s favourite dirt-bag sons Bison B.C. have been giving their audience a reason to shower…

Apollo Ghosts

The Divine Prophet is a friend of the Apollo Ghosts from Nanaimo. He is also a wrestler who casts himself as a deranged preacher and…

Under Review




Real Live Action


w/ Deerhunter

Apollo Ghosts

with Shawn Mrazek Lives! & Dirty Beaches, April 10 @ Little Mountain

Fake Jazz Festival

w/ with Wadham & Shane Krause, Scant Intone, The Rita, Glaciers, Archipelago, Rachel