Under Review

Ron Contour & Factor


Fake Four Inc.

Review By Mark PaulHus

The mysterious and elusive MC, Ron Contour, has returned from his hiatus as a beekeeper somewhere on the Prairies to drop another collection of nonsensical rhymes on the masses. The Prairies seem to have had a positive effect on our friend with the curious English accent. Not only did he find the time to grow a real moustache, he found endless inspiration in the infinite skyline and befriended genius Saskatoon-based producer Factor. With the help of Ron’s “cousin” Moka Only, the new friends combined their talents and created the 12 smooth jams that make up Saffron.

With song titles like “Cheese Toast Feast” and “Confused Nougat” it is evident even before pressing play that it is best to just allow yourself to get lost in Contour’s mesmerizing flow and Factor’s supreme beats. To try and follow Contour’s rhymes is as futile as watching a fly try to escape through a closed window; to try and decipher them is like trying to interpret the diary of a lunatic. Like all of Contour’s previous efforts, Saffron is a well produced, grooving, hip-hop album that doesn’t take itself too seriously; it is at once musically intelligent, laughably whimsical and completely enjoyable!