Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

By Jordie Yow

Dear Discorder:

With spring just around the corner, this is time to make plans for summer. This is the time of year when all the planning for local festivals and concerts are happening and I have a challenge for them. Over the last few years members of Discorder and CiTR have been playing a number of friendly softball games against groups like Megaphone, Adbusters and CBC Radio 3. This year we would like to extend the challenge to the entire Vancouver music community. This is a personal challenge, but it is on behalf of Discorder and CiTR. We challenge all members of the Vancouver music community to defeat us in a game of softball. For sake of simplicity we’ll steal the league rules from the Vancouver Recreational Softball League. Email me at to accept the challenge and arrange a game over the course of the summer. It’s just for fun, but I have to warn you that we’ll probably crush you mercilessly and then rub it in your faces… in print.

Now, getting back to this issue: We’ve got some of Vancouver’s heaviest hitters talking to us: Carl Newman from the New Pornographers dropped Dan Fumano a line to chat about his new album on page 14, James Farwell from Bison B.C., who’s music is heavy in a different sense of the word, discusses the maturation of their music with Scott Lyon on page 18, Polaris award winner Dan Snaith of Caribou talked with our Jackie Wong about his newest endeavour on page 12, Sancho McCann met with some of Vancouver’s best promoters to work out how you can get your start as a DJ on page 38 and you can find one of Vancouver’s best live bands, the Apollo Ghosts, gracing our cover this month and on page 8.
Have a good month and I hope to be facing you on the diamond soon.

Jordie Yow