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Review By Slavko Bucifal

The Liars are one of those bands you feel intimidated by because when you listen to their albums, you know you are in the presence of musical geniuses. From the opening haunting melodies of Sisterworld, their fifth studio album, the Liars continue the tradition of carefully crafting every note to evoke intense emotions and keep you on edge for explosions. There are far fewer explosive moments in this album than the anticipation would have you believe, but the intensity and rawness is tortuously beautiful. There are moments when the album sounds like it could be a darker sequel to a Joy Division effort. There are times when the band plays with noises and generates order out of chaos. The guitars and drums are punchy and sound as if they were played in a giant empty slaughterhouse. When the band isn’t tinkering with moods, they appear to have no remorse for the abuse placed on their instruments. “Scissor,” the opening track, is an outstanding piece which begins melodically then erupts with a violent fury that rubs off on you. “Here Comes All the People” is one of those pieces that plays with your head as you wait for the big bang. Instead, the song seamlessly blends into “Drip,” a dark and demonic punk electronica that makes you jump at strange noises in the night. “Scarecrows on a Killer Slant” is one of the best angry songs ever. If you like more of the classic punk sound, “The Overachievers” will satisfy that craving nicely.

It appears that the Liars’ Sister-world is plagued by deep psychological issues and you will be the benefactor of an album created from raw emotions. As a result, Sisterworld should be on the watch list for the album of the year.