Under Review

Plants & Animals

La La Land

Secret City Records

Review By Mark PaulHus

What do you get if you lock two Maritimers and a French Canadian in a room with a tape recorder? A darn good indie rock album, that’s what! La La Land, Plants & Animals follow up to their much loved Parc Avenue, is sure to be one this summers most acclaimed albums.

The slow lulling of “Tom Cruz” rolls in at a steady pace, pulling you into the grips of this album and steadying you for a trip through its hazy analog atmosphere. This cohesive collection of songs sounds like modern indie rock produced in the ’70’s. The combination of traditional recording methods combined with a contemporary song writing style allows Plants & Animals to create a very familiar, yet unique sound. This is the kind of album that begs to be played of a nice shiny slab of 180-gram vinyl. Songs like “Swinging Bells” and “Celebration” beg for you to put on a big pair of headphones, kick back on your bed and drift, but not for long, because “American Idol” is sure to make you rip out the cord and spike the volume knob and sing along. This jangling rocker (complete with saxophone solos from the Arcade Fire’s Colin Stenson) is sure to be a staple on summer play lists, just as La La Land is sure to put Plants & Animals on the map once and for all.