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Head First


Review By Slavko Bucifal

Synth, sass and style is the substance of Goldfrapp’s fifth studio album titled Head First. Alison Goldfrapp sings alongside the disco-electro smooth dance sounds with a vanilla cream feel. The album is pleasant, soft, glamourous and the kind of pure pop you can only find by climbing into a time machine and setting the dial back 30 years. The first three songs on the record will be stuck inside your head and may cause the grooves in your LP to be worn out. Extremely catchy vocal hooks will have you singing along and beautifully layered ’70s and ’80s synths will keep you warm and give you an urge to dust off your old Buggles records. There are some excellent pieces in the later part of the album (when you finally get to them). “Hunt” is surprisingly the darkest song on the album. “Shiny and Warm” continues the dark journey with an offering which is basic, rhythmic, repetitive and catchy. The final song titled “Voicething” is precisely that with an interesting ambient vocal repetition circling around analogue strings and bass sounds. Probably the strongest and most complete album from the UK duo, Head First is a journey forward and backward in time with a number of anthems sure to become a staple in the dance club scene.