Big Smoke

“I completely disagree with Vancouver being the ‘No Fun City.’ We may be isolated but it’s easy to find fun stuff — If you know…

Whitney K

Koko no more, now it’s Whitney K. I sit down with Konner Whitney, formerly known by his alternative pop ego Koko, at Reno’s restaurant near…

Not Just Jazz

“I think people see us as musicians who have a certain amount of training, a certain amount of technique, a certain amount of ability, and…

The Iris Film Collective

    “Nowhere in its mechanical process does the camera hold either mirror or candle to nature.” Those words come from Stan Brakhage, the celebrated…

Mourning Coup

I meet Chandra Ponyboy Melting Tallow at Jericho Beach on a picture-perfect Friday afternoon. Dressed in red from head to toe, including a letterman sports…


For four days in August 2014 the fuzzy sound of Vancouver rock band Woolworm resonated from a rattling cabin on Gossip Island. Exclusively using money…


Tarsiers in the Sunshine

“With Ramzi I feel like I can get lost. It’s a world I keep expanding.”

Under Review

Twin River

Should the Light Go Out (Light Organ Records)

Dada Plan

The Madness Hides (Self-Released)


Girl of Infinity (Self Released)


Everything Seems Obvious (Hockey Dad Records)


In Good Humour

Ben McGinnis

“With stand-up, the good thing is you’re on your own and you’re only responsible for your own acts and to a larger extent, your own career,” says McGinnis. “And if you perform well, it’s all on you and you get the glory."

Real Live Action

Purity Ring

with Braids, Born Gold
June 15 @ Vogue Theatre