Under Review


Girl of Infinity (Self Released)

by Slavko Bucifal


Frankie’s debut EP titled Girl of Infinity is like a journey with the simple comforts of life, namely golden sunsets and fresh baked cookies. There is something endearing and enduring about a simple musical array featuring a pair of great harmonic voices which serve as a focal point. While Francesca Carbonneau and Nashlyn Lloyd combine for most of the EP’s gorgeous harmonics and layered melodies, the accompanying instrumentation is equally impressive as it is diverse, moving from the ultra dreamy “Atmosphere” to a few degrees towards Sleater Kinney in “Someone Once.”

There is a range of emotions and sounds on the EP that is typically indicative of bands that have been playing music together for decades. Frankie are just in their infancy, but they sound relaxed and established through all their musical complexities. In fact, the real beauty and strength behind Girl of Infinity is that each track would sound equally fantastic with just a couple of acoustic guitars, and of course the spot on harmonies.

So the EP is versatile. It is also interesting. The typical themes of love lost or love gained are refreshingly absent from Girl of Infinity, as its prose tends to lend itself to the idea of dreaming big and moving forward. And speaking of golden sunsets and fresh baked cookies, Girl of Infinity has a sort of live feel to it: like you are at an outdoor festival thoroughly enjoying the scenery and various delectables before the sound booth operator presses the record button as the four-piece take the stage. If infinity seems effortless, so too do the songs on the EP. Carbonneau and Lloyd’s voices never seem strained or off kilter, but are in perfect flow with each other and their bandmates. With a debut EP of this depth, Frankie’s path to infinity might just be within grasp.