Cure and Hexadecibel

Big Bass Booming

Local residents DJ Cure and Hexadecibel are helping take Canadian bass music to new heights. Together the two DJs have served up hysteria inducing dub…

Instrumental Love

The relationship between musicians and their gear is a curious one. Some relationships are cinematic love stories while others develop a little more awkwardly. However…

Kidnap Kids

“I kinda hate it when someone’s like, the chords from that chorus are the same as the chorus from that other song,” said an outraged…

Arts Cuts

On Sept. 9, over 400 people assembled in the rain on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) to protest the B.C. provincial cuts…

Under Review


Real Live Action


w/ Thee Manipulators & MT-40

Rose Melberg

w/ Angelo Spencer, Aunts & Uncles


w/ Lichens

Band of Horses

with Cass McCombs, September 4 @ Commodore Ballroom


w/ Woods

Das Boot

w/ Hank Pine, Lily Fawn, Grass City, MeatDraw & The Alley Bourbon Bootleggers

Ora Cogan

w/ Kellarissa & Ahna