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Parlour Steps

The Hidden Names

Nine Mile Records

Review By Nathaniel Bryce

Parlour Steps - The Hidden Names
Parlour Steps – The Hidden Names

There is a song on Parlour Steps’ latest disc called “Little Pieces” that contains these words, “We break and then we go / We try, we try and stay hopeful / But it seems the more we learn, the less we know.” These words are so true, so simple, so real and so well placed within chords,. The movements and progressions are so precise. And such is the standard with Parlour Steps. Gorgeous music wound around conscious and smart lyrical wordplay that melds together to form a perfect, almost otherworldly art form. Yes, the West Coast musical landscape just got a little brighter with the release of The Hidden Names.

Hot on the heels of last year’s outstanding Ambiguoso, Hidden Names is ripe with precious moments and is a marked step forward and upward for a band that keeps getting better with each release. Singer/songwriter Caleb Stull’s voice mixes happily with bassist Julie Bevalis and newest member, keyboardist Allyson Mara, and is a large part of what makes their music so stunning as drummer Robert Linton keeps time with the best of them and guitarist Rees Haynes adds a cooling finishing touch. This music is a wake up call to an audience that needs a tuneful shake up and Hidden Names is a shiny soft weapon aimed directly at the heart that will be sure to leave fans breathless and even more rabid in their love of this excellent band!