And Adored

“The Persona I put on onstage is about a derisive pageantry towards performance, and the self-deprecation through complete bombast.”

Cheap High

Un-Easily Punk

“We want everyone to kind of rise up together.”

art rock?

The Presence of 'Popular Esoteric'

“Art and rock… those two words are so vague and I want to keep pushing against the former night… I want to continue to evolve it with every performance.”

Tommy Tone

Tommy Tone is Real

“Part of the creative process is salvaging, about trying to take something so despicable, like cults… and turn it into something good, or be productive about it. That’s what I try to do in all my art.”

Big Joy Barber & Salon

Smooth Highlights

“It’s nice to learn how to have a vested interest in another person. I think there’s some value in that, just as a person in the world, to not just talk about yourself all the time.”

Under Review

tv ugly

UCLA Yankee Cola


Real Live Action

Mac Demarco

w/ Alex Calder, The Courtneys, Walter TV

Dada Plan

w/ Summering, Ora Cogan


w/ Peace, Cave Girl


w/ Frog Eyes, Dada Plan


w/ U.S. Girls