Andy Dixon

09 Gimme More (Britney Spears) Tying in with our editorial on Ache Records Tenth Anniversary is a Q&A with the founder of Ache Records, Andy…

Ache Records

08 Game Over (Lil Flip) Ten years is a long time in the world of indie record labels. Lots of labels go under after one…


08 PVC There’s a quiet buzz in the circuitry of North America’s music industry at the moment that’s no louder than the binary whirr of…


The anthemic line, “Who knew / that all we had to do was party?” on the opening track on Humans’ EP, Avec Mes Mecs, reaches…

Hot Panda

09 Mindlessnesslessness Have you ever heard of a band selling their own brand of hot sauce? Well Hot Panda is one of them, joining the…


Close your eyes and imagine a philanthropist—a tucked in blouse, waist high skirt and immaculate lipstick, perhaps a lawyer who spends her life sitting on…

Under Review


King Night

No Age

Everything In Between


Avec Mes Mecs


Be Kept (Independent)


Real Live Action

Best Coast

with Sonny & the Sunsets, October 29 @ The Cobalt

Holy Fuck

w/ Indian Jewelry & Clipd Beaks


w/ The Entrance Band & Resorts