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Avec Mes Mecs


Review By Tony Kess

Humans - Avec Mes Mecs
Humans – Avec Mes Mecs

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Humans’ new EP Avec Mes Mecs, is exceptionally listenable; Humans make well-calculated dance music with catchy, anthemic choruses. And hand claps. This is glucose for your ears—Avec Mes Mecs is an immediate and invigorating listen.

Besides all of the obvious appeal of a well-crafted dance record, Humans are also capable lyricists; it feels as though the duo are aware of the trappings of dance music as a genre, and they coyly play with the boundaries of what is artistically achievable on a dance record. Some of the more poignant tracks, like the titular “Avec Mes Mecs,” are as evocative of the ennui of being an over-partied twenty-something as they are dance anthems with catchy basslines. But while Humans hint at some pretty heavy themes regarding the merits of partying, moving between cities, sexting and other generation appropriate topics, they rarely remain serious for long. Avec Mes Mecs is primarily an excellent party record; that it also functions to soundtrack bittersweet indie-film-nostalgia when you look back on the good times is just a nice bonus.