Yacht is—at the very least—an electronic dance band started by Portland’s Jona Bechtolt in 2003. Bechtolt, who has also played in the Blow, added Claire…


Koban owe their continued existence as a band (and a fruit basket) to some conscientious bus drivers who saved bassist Brittany Westgarth from her burning…

Oh No! Yoko Vs. Highschool

Abbotsford, B.C.: Murder capital of Canada, home to many a Menno(nite) and hotbed of high school musical talent. About five years ago, You Say Party!…

Fake Jazz Resurrects Itself

When Vancouver’s premier punk pigpen the Cobalt folded in August, Bill Batt and Anju Singh were among the many musicians left with virtually no venue…


“Four years ago, I just had a guitar and it just sort of culminated at that point. I had never written any songs before and…

Four Tet

Under his Four Tet alias, Kieran Hebden produced some of the most meticulously layered and beautiful electronic music of the past decade. A restlessly creative…

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Young People with Faces

Yes Nice

Blindfolded (Independent)


The Colossus


Of The Blue Colour of the Sky

Bakers at Dawn

You Must Hide Your Love Forever (Peppermill Records)


Real Live Action


w/ Nü Sensae & Myths