Under Review


Record In A Bag

Royal Mountain Records

Review By Nathaniel Bryce

Record In A Bag is the debut CD from Manotick, Ontario-band Hollerado, and if first impressions are worth anything, then this band is the money. The album begins on self-conscious footing with “Hollerado Land,” a short, engaging live number that reminds me of those dorky Michael Cera-type kids you want to hug and give a wedgie to at the same time. Problem is this dorky kid is pretty cool and can actually play a really mean rock tune. What is refreshing about this music is that it almost feels as though the band hasn’t fully realized their talent, or maybe they do and they’re just being cheeky and holding back their awkward radness. Whatever they’re up to, it works really well and it’s no surprise the attention they’ve drawn to themselves so far. For the most part, the songs borrow from the formula that made Weezer famous: punchy guitar and drums that wake you up like a jump in a cold lake, coupled with memorable sing-along vocals that draw your attention and sink into your core. All of this comes together into an album chock full of near perfect pop songs that’ll grow on you like that weird nerd kid who you can’t quite figure out but can’t help but love anyway.

Good pop music played well can be so shamelessly good, and Hollerado definitely have the chops and songwriting ability to sway the world with their fumbling dorky charm.