Under Review

Lightspeed Champion

Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You

Domino Records

Review By Adam Mannegren

Lightspeed Champion is comprised of Devonté Hynes, and with his second album Life is Sweet! Nice to Meet You, he delves deep into a Queen-drenched, pop sound. With the help of producer Ben Allen who’s worked with the likes of Gnarls Barkley and Animal Collective. Rich indie-pop with a lot of diversity is what can be expected from the former Test Icicles singer. There are lots of influences, plenty of musical throwbacks to pop and rock of yesteryear, but the album lacks consistency. Hynes’ singing leaves something to be desired, and the songwriting is sophomoric at times, detracting from the production. But then there are some really catchy melodies and compositions that make the album worth a listen to. And Hynes singing isn’t all bad. One of the more well-rounded tracks off the album is “Sweetheart.” Hynes’ somewhat more restrained vocals are roughly hewn and contrast to the polished sound of the track well. The country/western-tinged track is full fledged, with a sparse guitar and vocal intro, building on atmospheric feel to a full blown crescendo. With a couple catchy tracks, Lightspeed Champion is a decent second fulllength. The musical interludes are a bit of a stretch and a questionable addition to the album. The simple hodgepodge sound adds to the somewhat adolescent feel of the album.