Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

By Debby Reis

Dear Discorder:

I’ve been Discorder’s Production Manager for a year now, and during this time I feel like I’ve been reintroduced to Vancouver’s music scene. Before, I would go to the odd show, usually when someone invited me to see their band play, or else I’d see a bigger band I was already familiar with.

Reading Discorder every month has kept me in touch and connected to a community that I had always felt distanced from. I imagine it’s been the same for many of our readers, and it’s a comment that turned up in the reader survey we did last year. When you read Discorder, you know who the up-and-coming musicians in the city are. And this is why we think it’s so important to keep Discorder in print.

As you may already know, Discorder’s had some financial difficulty this past year. We had to cut printing last August’s issue and our budget is already strained. We are completely volunteer run, with only three staff members earning small stipends. All the cash we generate from ads and our grant from CiTR go directly to printing costs. This past year, we started organizing a monthly show, which is held on the first Wednesday of each month at the Astoria.

On March 5 we’re holding a fundraiser at the Biltmore to add to our printing fund. We asked some of our favourite bands to donate their time, and together, they make up one of the best lineups ever! To lure you in, in this issue we’re including profiles on Koban and Fanshaw, who are playing that night. In addition, you’ll get to see Boogie Monster, MT-40, Fine Mist and Apollo Ghosts—not to mention that Japandroids are putting a DJ set together, as are Tyler Fedchuk and Cam Dales (Discorder’s covered everyone, so get your computer out and dig through our website to find those stories). Be sure to get to the Biltmore early, ’cause this is sure to sell out!

The other topics you can find in this issue include an interview with Gigi’s Nick Krgovich, whose mom and grandma love his new album Maintenant, the revival of the much loved Fake Jazz and an introduction to Diana Leung, who may be able to help prevent you run your new venue. There’s plenty more too, all of which will keep you connected with the scene. That’s why I keep on reading, and that’s why you should too!

Bye for now Discordians—and don’t forget. March 5!

Debby Reis