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Young People with Faces

Warner/143 Records

Review By Slavko Bucifal

Maurice - Young People With Faces
Maurice – Young People With Faces

The band Maurice released their debut album backed by David Foster at the executive producer’s helm. What this means is that Young People With Faces suffers from Pretentious Overproduced Pop Syndrome (POPS). Add to the fact that the lads of Maurice are the type of the kids you can bring home to Grandma and you have an album destined to find a following on the soft rock airways. The upswing: lead singer Jean-Paul Maurice, at times, can be crisp with an impressive range. The recurring downside is that most elements seems suppressed and overly rehearsed.

If one were stranded on POPS island and forced to listen to a song from this album over and over again, choose “Scorpion” for the sheer amusement factor. In this piece, the band deviates from their grocery store friendly formula and attempts to rock out a bit. The result is a surprisingly catchy guitar riff combined with an awkward if not embarrassing chorus of nonsensical words that belong in a ’50s tune; “Ba ba ba ba ba ra da da da / Scorpions bite and sting you.” Thanks for that. It is an amusing combination and somewhat indicative of the album’s overall feel. “Rockstar” continues the folly with a generic arena band guitar sound (which becomes standard for a few tracks) and unimpressive lyrical content. “Rockstar, don’t lose your voice over this.” My sentiments exactly. But if you like that perfect pop/soft rock sound combined with a plethora of clichéd lyrics, or if you’re a producer for Melrose Place or some other overdramatic television show and require an all-ages friendly song to play during those on screen moments of reflection, then Young People with Faces may be the perfect album.