Future Islands

Little Dreamer Submerged somewhere in Samuel T. Herring’s bosom beats a nostalgic musical adventurer. Herring, ringleader of the playful Baltimore post-wave trio Future Islands, is…

Bass Coast Project

There is something happening in the woods. It taunts the night owls out of their nests as forest floors devour bass lines while mountains watch…

Sled Island

Discorder’s Real Live Action editor Steve Louie was snapping away during day four of Sled Island – check out his extensive photo set here!

prOphecy sun

You just know when you meet someone. You can feel it instantaneously. They have the madness—that grain of insanity which manifests itself into artistic energy,…

Babe Rainbow

Phil Colins beej Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: Cameron Reed is as close to a modern Renaissance man as anyone can find in Vancouver….

Sled Island

Les Neuf Soeurs Bison B.C. and Buzzcocks @ Olympic Plaza The rain was back for Bison B.C.’s mid-afternoon set at the Olympic Plaza, but not…

Sled Island

Stoop The second day of Sled Island was a much longer one, but the pacing seemed more relaxed. Chalk it up to the gaps between…

Sled Island

Discorder Editor Gregory Adams is spending the next couple of days at Calgary’s premiere indie and punk festival, Sled Island. Check in to Discorder.ca June…

Under Review


New Times in Black and White

Black Lips

Arabia Mountain (Vice Records)

Adam Balbo

Refried Nostalgia (Independent)


Real Live Action


with Cloudsplitter, August 9 @ Biltmore Cabaret

Apollo Ghosts

with My Friend Wallis & No Band, June 21 @ The Planetarium


w/ Teen Daze, Bartel & DBL Dragon


with Cowards, The New Values & Hemogoblin, June 3 @ Pat’s Pub