Under Review

Beach Comas

Driftwood EP (Independent)

Review By David Nykyforuk

Don’t let yourself become disenchanted or alienated by the slightly derivative moniker used by this local electronic duo. Beach Comas’ self-released debut EP Driftwood isn’t another tired entry into the chillwave or surf-step genres. On the aptly titled opener “Enter,” Dan Garrod and T.J. McDonald keep the bpms at bay until the generally instrumental outfit enlists Claire Mortifee to provide a rippling refrain that skirts atop a writhing, dub beat on “Don’t Come Again”—the only track to feature vocals.

When things begin to escalate on standout track “Something,” one begins to wonder where exactly on the spectrum of electronic music to place Beach Comas. Every track emerges in a manner that transcends rushed pigeonholing.

“Eve” effectively juxtaposes pastoral bird sounds with a deluge of drum machine and synth assaults. “Let Them” employs a vacillating sax sample to elicit a neon-noir vibe that saves the track from being a bit too busy. While their name and their EP name/cover all explicitly reference the beach, none of the music feels especially appropriate for the beach.

The duo offers up a sonic landscape heavily steeped in the same sort of distended murk that has brought Babe Rainbow and Tassels to the fore. Beach Comas make a very strong case for themselves with this debut and should be considered alongside other local electronica acts sooner rather than later. You can dowload Driftwood for free at www.beachcomas.bandcamp.com.