Real Live Action


w/ Teen Daze, Bartel & DBL Dragon

Pat's Pub; June 2, 2011

Review By Alec J. Ross

Pat’s Pub is such an enjoyable venue for a music show. On any given night you can make your way through one of the more decrepit areas in Vancouver and wander into the pub attached to the Patricia Hotel, where the beer is cheap, the music is loud and there is no shortage of moustaches or high-waisted pants. The second night of Music Waste 2011 (June 2) was no exception and showcased local bands MT-40, Teen Daze, Bartel and DBL Dragon.

DBL Dragon opened the night with their brand of indie dance pop. First off, awesome band name, especially if in reference to the awesome video game/movie. DBL Dragon provided sexy pop beats for the more committed fans on the dance floor, and created funky background noise for the fiercely unapproachable women who occupied the pool table for most of the night.

The crowd was a tad bit on the monolithic side during Andrew Harris, a.k.a.Bartel’s, set. In the audience’s defense, it is quite difficult to move to the guy’s atmospheric, electronic shoegaze. Nevertheless, Bartel is a prime example Vancouver’s never-ending growth in electronic music, bringing with him an immense knowledge of sound design and composition to the forefront of his live shows.

Now for my favourite part of the night’s activities, Abbotsford producer Teen Daze. He played songs from his Four More Years EP, as well as a few new singles. Out of all the times I have seen the eclectic chillwaver, he has never failed to deliver as less than a stellar performance.

Closing out the night was MT-40. Personally, I did not enjoy them. Their vocals were far too washed out, the echo coming through the PA was unnecessarily high and the songs relied on the roughly the same concept for each song: a keyboard loop and a drum line. The music did, however, have people dancing, so clearly some people admire their style. Just not me. Overall, though, the combination of great local talent and cheap Dead Frog beers made for a great night. It also made for a shitty night’s sleep and a hangover, but it was worth it.