Bottleneck is a new band with a recently-released CD which sets itself squarely in the alt-country/Americana camp. Its members have been active on the local…

Sled Island in Photos

Our intrepid photographers Steve Louie and Ryan Walter Wagner managed to see a lot of things while Sled Island was underway. Here’s what they saw.

Party Photography

“I used to have a diary where I would put photos up just for myself and then eventually some people found out about it and…

Once Upon a Record Store

There’s really no record stores in malls anymore,” Grant McDonagh, Zulu Records’ owner, pointed out while discussing the state of stores in Vancouver—so unless you…

Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink – Round And Round Discorder: First of all, how’s your day going, Ariel? Ariel Pink: The day? Yeah, it’s going good. We’re about…


Shad – Yaa I Get It Shad – Call Waiting (Interlude) It was daylight outside, but you wouldn’t have guessed it from the subterranean lighting…

Slam Dunk!

Four friends from Victoria, Jordan Minkoff (guitar/vox), Caitlin Gallupe (bass/vox), Luke Postl (drums/cat wails) and Duncan MacConnell (guitar/vox), found themselves in a riotous new formation…

Neil Hamburger

For any comedy fan accustomed to stand-up featuring a steady rise towards an inevitable punch line, watching Neil Hamburger perform ought to be nothing less…

Under Review

Bad Fate

Olympic City (Radical Clatter)




Cairo (Independent)


Righteous Fists of Fury


Real Live Action


with Light Pollution & Einar Stokka, August 21 @ Media Club


w/ So Percussion & Lexie Mountain Boys


w/ MT-40, Bad Fate & Fine Mist

Born Ruffians

with Young Rival, June 9 @ Biltmore Cabaret

Bowl Your Own Waste

Twin Crystals, Apollo Ghosts, Cat Attack, Role Mach & Chris-a-Riffic, June 6 @ Grandview Bowling Lanes