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Cairo (Independent)

Review By Mark PaulHus

This emerging Vancouver quartet’s debut release comes wrapped in a veil of mystery. The simple cardboard sleeve is adorned with beautiful Deco artwork, along with the band’s exotic name in period-appropriate font. Song titles as diverse as “A Hot Minute (At the Tech-Noir)” and “Halifax” cause one to wonder if they’re in for some synthed out art punk or some Murder Records style Canadiana. Even the groups MySpace page and website offer little information, labeling the music as “defeatist yacht rock” along with photos of the four band members suited in hockey gear and sitting on the side of a boat. Cairo seems determined to let the music do the talking for them, and as it turns out, it seems they have some intelligent things to say. A simple yet rich instrumental track entitled “Cogs” pulls you in with its descending mathy riffs and rising crescendos, giving you a good idea of what the rest of the album has in store. What follows are 11 more tracks of progressive indie rock that serve as monumental introduction for this new band. The songs are clever, light and intelligently structured, drawing from a variety of influences. The lyrics are deceivingly poetic and delivered in a familiar, yet classic indie rock style. Cairo has put a lot of thought into their first release, delivering an exciting debut album from a band with staying power (they are already working on their sophomore release. Listen for yourself at whenincairo.com.