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Bad Fate

Olympic City (Radical Clatter)

Review By Katherine Boothroyd

Brain Enthusiast

Vancouver-based Bad Fate have delivered their debut album, Olympic City. It’s a garage rock, off kilter, crunchy, out of tune, indie madness, guitar mash of an album. And all that is packed into just seven songs!

Bad Fate’s sound is really a throwback to the early ‘90s slacker noise bands. Think Pavement with a dose of Dinosaur Jr. and you are on the right track. Great guitars, low key vocals and and a lot of noise.

“Brain Enthusiast” is the best track on the album by far. It’s a tight little tune that should be immediately added to your playlist this summer. “Mongrel MAN” is another standout with a greater sense of urgency than the other tracks. Veering off the indie road, it is a great pop song — but never fear kids, the distorted guitars are still here.

All in all, Olympic City is a great ode to the city that it was created in.

Bad Fate are hurtling across the country until mid-August, so try and catch them live if you can. Stay tuned folks: it will be interesting to see where Bad Fate go from here.