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Telepathic Butterflies

Wow & Flutter

Killbeat Music

Review By Nathaniel Bryce

Telepathic Butterflies - Wow & Flutter
Telepathic Butterflies – Wow & Flutter

Telepathic Butterflies – Circle Man

Telepathic Butterflies – Elegy

Celebrating the release of their fourth album, Wow & Flutter, the Telepathic Butterflies offer more than an ode to ’60s and ’70s power pop. Their music is a nice mix of psychedelic rock with influences steeped in American new wave and early Brit-pop, producing a sound that is retro yet modern, detailed but loose. This is a formula that has worked nicely for Sloan and By Divine Right and it works nicely here too. Wow & Flutter is chock-full of tasty bits like “Circle Man,” sounding a bit like a hippie’s version of Foo Fighters with an attention grabber if ever there was one. “Elegy” has shades of Teenage Fanclub within its dated walls and “Aloha” is a fun piano driven rocker that is so Bowie it hurts. While it is easy to rehash sounds from the old school it’s not nearly as easy to do so as convincingly, but the Telepathic Butterflies have. Well crafted enough to make even the most staunch music critic sway and pine for days of groove, Wow & Flutter is dressed in quality garments hand sewn with recycled cloth, personally embroidered by the band themselves.