Real Live Action

Bowl Your Own Waste

Twin Crystals, Apollo Ghosts, Cat Attack, Role Mach & Chris-a-Riffic, June 6 @ Grandview Bowling Lanes

Review By Katherine Boothroyd

Jarrett Evan Samson of Role Mach, photo by Tamara Lee
Jarrett Evan Samson of Role Mach, photo by Tamara Lee

While Italian Day was getting soaked outside on Commercial Drive, Bowl Your Own Waste was rocking the neon bowling at the Grandview Lanes. Jarrett Evan Samson had the rather ambitious idea of combining bowling with five bands for part of the Music Waste Festival. Things were a little cramped in the black-lit bowl area upstairs, but everyone seemed to get a chance to lob a ball down the alley and you couldn’t have asked for a better soundtrack.

Chris-a-Riffic begun with a torrent of verbosity. Part sermon, part diary confessional, he was a one-man dictionary. Spewing forth an unstoppable monologue, he had the modest sized audience eating out of his hand. Even though he called everyone at Discorder “arseholes,” he was still awesome. [ed. No, he wasn’t! He’s a jerk! We hate him!]

Role Mach barely fit into the corner stage area and had a promising start. The saxophone, trumpet and a great beat had the audience bobbing their heads in satisfaction. Unfortunately, the majority of the set was continually interrupted by an unruly base amp that refused to be controlled. For what they did manage to play they were impressive.

While the audience was split between watching the great bands and bowling (no strikes but I bowled a 112!) Cat Attack took to the stage. Playing a shortened set, they rocked untll the walls shook.

Local fan favourites Apollo Ghosts plunged into their set as the 4 p.m. curfew ticked closer. Proving yet again they are unbeatable live, they made everyone quickly forget about the bowling. The ever talented singer/guitarist/showman Adrian Teacher managed to play and bowl. Part way through the set Teacher ran from lane to lane, throwing a ball down each alley. He even managed to get back to his microphone in time for the next verse. For those of you who have not seen Apollo Ghosts live, you really should make the effort to do so. One of the rare live acts that exceed their own hype.

Twin Crystals had the unenviable task of playing a much shortened set. Another great live act, Twin Crystals didn’t disappoint. Turning the black light of the bowling alley a little blacker, they blasted though their shortened set.

Kudos to Jarrett Evan Samson for getting this event together. Hell of a fun Sunday afternoon.