Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

By Jordie Yow

Dear Discorder:

This is our last issue of the summer, we won’t be printing in August, but we will still exist. We’re heading on vacation for the rest of the summer: visiting music festivals, kicking it on the beach and hanging with our buds. We’ll be back in September to welcome all the students back to school so make sure you look for us then. In the meantime we’ll continue to put new content on our website including our regular stream of reviews and the occasional feature and column popping up to keep everyone busy. When we cut back like this it’s not out of any desire to stop providing commentary on Vancouver’s vibrant music scene.

If you happen to know anyone who you think should advertise with us. Tell them how much you like our magazine and point them in our direction. We’ve got great advertising rates. It really would mean a lot to us if you did. These sorts of things are always better when they come from a friend.

But as we take a break from our print edition we leave you with a lot to mull over. Ariel Pink of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti talks about his past, present and future with our reporter Colin Throness on page 14, our production manager Debby Reis chatted with a number of the owner’s of Vancouver’s favourite record stores and got them to share some intriguing stories with us on page 16, and I managed to meet up with a number of party photographers in town to take a look at how the genre has developed over time on page 37. But you know what the most exciting thing in this issue is? Slam Dunk. They’re on our cover and you should check out Julie Colero’s article about them on page 8. When you’re done reading all those things we also have some entertaining features on the Shilohs (page 12) and Shad (page 10).

I won’t be writing another one of these until September though so enjoy your summer. I sure will! I’m off to Sled Island; you can read all about it on our website.

Jordie Yow