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Shane Turner Overdrive

Shane Turner Overdrive


Review By Nathaniel Bryce

Shane Turner Overdrive – The Exit Railings

Shane Turner Overdrive – Wigs

Shane Turner is no stranger to the music world. Since moving to Vancouver eight years ago, Turner has been in or around as many bands as these hands have fingers to count on. After years of occupying his time with such groups as Fanshaw, the Choir Practice, Woodpigeon and more, Turner has found the space to conceive and give birth to his long gestating solo project, Shane Turner Overdrive. There is no denying the talent and intention Turner brings to the table, and this collection of tunes may be the icing on the indie rocker’s cake. The songs are recorded lo-fi and live off the floor, warts and all, which gives the album a nice human touch. Turner’s voice is strong yet fragile, his songs short and sweet. The album blends nicely together and aside from a couple of near stumbles, the thread binding the songs together is seamless. Album opener “The Exit Railings” is sweet like honey. Even better is when it kicks into “Wigs,” a fuzzy rocker tune with the makings of a favourite. Turner has produced a near gem of an album, featuring some really nice vocals, a plethora of instruments, some strong and clever songwriting and just enough rock to keep things interesting. Though it clocks in at just under 25 minutes, this album is good enough to leave on repeat as that near half hour turns into a daylong dream-like listen.