Ivan Decker

Standing at the heart of Vancouver’s stand-up scene is Ivan Decker, a 27-year-old middle child who just wants to make people laugh. Decker began stand-up…

SHiNDiG 2012 Winner

When it comes to cock talk, Clint Sleeper doesn’t shy away. After his experimental multi-instrumental one-man project, Praying For Greater Portland (P4GP), was victorious in…

Discorder Revisited

For Discorder’s 30th anniversary issue in February, we revisited the magazine’s past with founding co-editors Mike Mines and Jennifer Fahrni (via phone from Hawaii, at…

Under Review


Images Du Futur


Dark Rituals


Bushcraft   (Southern Lord)



10 Reasons to support your campus radio station and (this) indie music mag (that’s in your paws right now)

Editor’s Note

On one-year milestones that are more memorable than growing a tooth

Real Live Action


w/ Animal Bodies, Watermelon, and Freak Heat Waves

Devon Clifford Tribute

w/ The Tranzmitors, The Vicious Cycles, The Jolts, and A Fish Called Piranha

Broken Water

with Lori Goldston, and Dead Soft
February 21 @ The Electric Owl


w/ Night Beats, and Chains of Love


w/ Needs, War Baby, and Losses