Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

by Laurel Borrowman

Spring is springing and with it, evidently, babies. There’s been a bloom of little humans these days, which has taken me for a trip down memory lane to carefree days of being a teeny bawling googly drooling bobble-headed pile of goo in my mother’s arms.

Okay, you got me. But don’t you sometimes wish you could remember the womb or your first birthday or seeing daylight for the first time? On the other hand, if I’ve learned one thing from new moms, it’s that childbirth isn’t pretty. Maybe remembering those early days would just be traumatic. Regardless, wish while I may, I’ll revel in other one-year-milestones.

Like March, 2013. This issue marks my one-year with Discorder. While the past 12 months have been the zaniest, busiest, and craziest to date, they’ve also contributed to more growth in mind and music taste than in neck-rolls, knee-chub, and soother-suckery. In a metaphorically muddy way, I’m saying hell yeah to being a grown-up, experiencing, remembering, standing up, and falling down.

As a reader, you don’t see everything that happens behind the scenes, but after 12 months I say confidently that Discorder has been instrumental to growing up, hopefully not just for me but for everyone involved: the writers, artists, CiTR staff, musicians, comedians, and you. If Discorder has had a fraction of the gravity in those lives as it has in mine, then it’s doing its job.

Gushfest, complete. In this issue we continue the 30th birthday celebration with party-worthy content from doom-grunge trio War Baby, who have come a long way since last chatting with them one year ago. In Discorder Revisited, founding co-editor Jennifer Fahrni talks about her personal favourite issue (March, 1983), the highs of its conception, the lows of her eventual departure, and the sharp-shooting cover featuring Annie Oakley (see inset below).

Speaking of power ladies, CiTR has special programming for International Women’s Day on March 8. Speaking of special programming Fundrive, the annual phone-in fundraising marathon to support this community-powered station — and in turn, this magazine — begins February 28 and wraps on March 8 with a big party and auction at Chapel Arts. For more details, flip to page 11.

Birthdays. Milestones. Celebrations. Music. March. And on that note …

Read on and stay rad,

Laurel Borrowman