Discorder Revisited

In February 1983, Jennifer Fahrni and Mike Mines published the first issue of Discorder. That means we are nearly 30 years old. In the next…

Talent Time

If Vancouver’s Biltmore Cabaret is packed late on a Wednesday, whatever is happening inside must be worth staying out late for on a school night….

Nick Everett & Everybody

It was August and the van was a world of limbs: feet where they shouldn’t be, knees on the dash, arms draped out of windows…

Fine Times

“We were suddenly going to be in the studio in less than four weeks and hadn’t finished or even played most of these songs,” says…

Under Review


No Can Do   (Triple Crown)


The World is Too Much With Us

Fist City

Buried/Cryptic Transmissions


Banshee   (Independent)


Move Real Slow


Real Live Action

Beach House

with Dustin Wong
October 1 @ Commodore Ballroom


w/ Secret Pyramid, The Passenger, and Ian William Craig.