Neck of the Woods

Neck of the Woods vocalist Jeff Radomsky pours me a whiskey from a glass skull. Sitting at his kitchen table, I converse pleasantly with Radomsky,…

DOXA Festival

“We take into account all the different types of films we receive and build the program around a thematic concept.”

One of the films to premiere last year at DOXA was Virunga, which received an Oscar nomination for best documentary feature.  The filmmaker, Orlando Von Einsiedel applied to DOXA,…

Weird Candle

Kilroy Katerwol and Caleb Blag — the duo that make up Weird Candle — are creatures of the night, and it is in the early…

Holy Hum

“I don’t hold that much stake in what my music is about. I just want it to be good.” Andrew Lee, tall and contemplative, sits…


At the magical hour of 5 p.m., on the corner of Hastings and Renfrew, it didn’t take me long to recognize the trio I had…

The Backhomes

Victoria-based psychedelic dream pop duo the Backhomes is Kees Dekker and Aimée van Drimmelen. Their music is engineered for hazy, lazy summer days and long…

Under Review


Keep It Together (Bonerattle Records)


Noontide (Hybridity Music)


No Perfect Wave (Self-Released)

Notta Comet

Success With Houseplants (Self-Released)

Real Live Action

Neko Case

With The Alialujah Choir
April 15 @ Vogue Theatre


w/ Vexx, Chastity Belt

B.A. Johnston

with Ace Martens, Uptights, Joel Butler
April 11 @ The Astoria