Under Review

Friendly Ghost

No Way Jose


by Keagan Perlette


In the “About” section of Friendly Ghost’s Facebook page, there is a link to a WikiHow article on creating your very own Best Friends Club. Fitting, considering their recently released EP, No Way Jose, sounds like a warm summer night driving around with good friends. The tracks are at once present and nostalgic, mixing classic shoegaze melancholy with the bright and unexpected sounds of trumpet and bass riffs that could almost be described as cute.

This album is immersive. It sounds the way sitting on cool grass in a warm sunset feels, or like the chill on the back of your legs when you peel your thighs off a sweaty leather car seat. You might want to put this EP on after everyone has left your house party and you want to dance in the kitchen with someone you, like, might have a bit of a crush on.

“Cruising the Royale” features a sudden start — no intro needed — straight into bright guitar reverb and easy, cheerful drums. “Beverly Saints” has a fantastic guitar line and has lead vocalist Kyle Hull singing in a quiet shout, filled with longing, like his voice is reaching out for something. Watch out for “Lazer Berman” — a lay back on the bed and watch the fading light on the ceiling kind of song, which might make you tear up a bit with its echoing guitars and slow, high vocals. If you’re not already feeling a little weepy, “Wolf Shirts” may just do you in with its lilting, haunting trumpet.
Friendly Ghost is currently finishing up their first LP and given the skill, artistic capability, and emotional awareness of No Way Jose, it promises to be a wonderful debut.