Sam Tudor

Eyes Wide Shut

“Ear aside, it kind of proposes that under all the nuclear lifestyles and well manicured neighbourhoods, there can be something ominous and dark.”

Can’t Lit

A Backdoor To Canadian Literature

“Everyone wants to see the same version of Canadian literature that’s so clean, I want to see messier things.”

Quiet City

Quiet City, Underground Society

“In some ways I prefer Quiet City to be an underground entity, something that one might have to seek out in order to find.”

Fake News

Help! I'm Caught In A Fake News Epidemic

Canadians must be vigilant when consuming news in order to avoid falling victim to the fake news epidemic.

Under Review


Be Quite


Near To The Wild Heart Of Life

Real Live Action

Cory Hanson

w/ Jody Glenham & the Dreamers, Malcolm Jack