Michael Jackson on the Internet

Remixes Thousands of Jackson remixes are floating around in many different styles, but these three are worth the effort


In a city as full of talent as Vancouver, it’s easy for a burgeoning band to get lost in the fray. However, MT-40, with their…


On July 9, I went in search of Minto frontman Ryan Hoben at the Biltmore, wanting to offer my congratulations for what was looking like…

More Than This

Friday night. Powell Street.

Head half a block west and you’re in Gastown. It’s a slightly more mature, less manic incarnation of the city-sanctioned Granville Entertainment District (GED) a few blocks away.

The same distance east is the apex of the Downtown Eastside—its own Dickensian revelry now in full swing.

Life After Radio

The following is an interview with Sarah Buchanan, host and inventor of the internet podcast Life After Radio and former host of Tiny Machines, a…

Punk Heart

When I met up with Jesse Taylor of Twin Crystals, it was in the building that the band shares with a few other Vancouver bands…

Pink Mountaintops

Steve McBean is the bearded front man for Black Mountain. His music has helped put Vancouver on the radar of independent music critics everywhere. He…

No Gold

While smiling through the vertical bars of a rather imposing gate in Strathcona, Liam Butler, bass player and vocalist for local band No Gold, unlocked…

Signal & Noise

If you’re into ATM dance parties, being locked in a self-storage unit, meditating in an organ the size of a room, pirate-radio plays in the…

Music Waste Preview

This is everything that’s right about Vancouver in the summertime. Do yourself a favour: get a pass (it’s a steal at $15), a bicycle to…

Under Review

Black Mold

Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz (Flemish Eye Records)


To This Beat

Animal Names

Oh Yes You Better Do (Boat Dreams From the Hill)


Real Live Action


w/ The Shilohs & Attics & Cellars

Collapsing Opposites

with Fanshaw & Julianna Barwick & Tally Ho! & The Milkies, June 26 @ Funky Winkerbeans

Andrew W.K.

with The Evaporators & Vicious Cycles, June 23 @ Biltmore Cabaret

Frog Eyes

w/ Chet & Victoria, Victoria!

Chain & the Gang

with The Hive Dwellers & Rose Melberg, May 30 @ Little Mountain Studios

Mt. Eerie

w/ Nick Krgovich & gr8-2000

Black Dice

with Wolf Eyes & Sade Sade, May 25 @ The Biltmore

Dan Deacon

w/ Future Islands & Teeth Mountain

Dancing In Our Debt

w/ Kellarissa & Rose Melberg, Bible Belts, The Rub, Aaron Read, Search Parties