Under Review

Shaunn Watt



Review By Nate Pike

Is being a sincere and seemingly good-hearted person worth anything in the music business nowadays? Of course it is all about the music, but is music really worthwhile if the artist has simply recorded it just to hear the sound of his or her own voice? Clearly this is not the case with Vancouver recording artist Shaunn Watt. Adyn is a collection of pretty understated folky pop songs collected over the past two years. They are tiny little snapshots of the people, places and things that move him, each carrying an undercurrent of devotion and thanksgiving to these individual moving forces. The CD opens perfectly with the sounds of birds singing and a child’s voice followed by the clean crisp sounds of a guitar and Watt’s sweet voice launching into “Your Garden.” And then there is my personal favorite, “Take Me With You,” which again, is bare, honest and revealing. It’s this naked simple delivery that acts as theme for this album. Guitar, voice, overdubs and a bit of back-up instrumentation is what you get and it works really well. Sometimes stories about the ones we love require little else in the telling, and that is what Watt has done here—and quite effectively at that.