Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

By Jordie Yow

The August issue of Discorder is only available in digital format. Not printing this issue was a drastic, but financially necessary, decision. We’re looking into ways to prevent something like this from happening again, but we may have to consider printing on a bi-monthly basis in the future.

Discorder has two major sources of revenue: a grant from our lovely publisher CiTR and revenue from advertisers. The grant—we are assured—isn’t going anywhere, but you’ll notice our ads have been taking up less of our pages lately. We are a great deal for advertisers’ with rates as low as $50. If you’re interested (and you should be if you want appeal to the young, cool and intelligent people of Vancouver) get in touch with our advertising rep at We have survey results from readers which can give you a good idea about what sort of people you’ll be reaching to share with those curious.

If you’re worried about us going out of print, it’s not something that’s likely to happen. Everyone on the Discorder team and at CiTR is devoted to putting together a print magazine about Vancouver’s music scene.

Enough doom and gloom though. There’s still lots of great stuff happening in Vancouver and just because you can’t read about it on paper doesn’t mean we’re not reporting on it. Check out our musical picks at the brand new Olio Festival on page 10, it’s a good way to check out some new local bands on the cheap although if you want to read about some in more detail take a look at our profile on the high energy MT-40 on page 13 or the beardy flannel rock of Minto on page 12.

If you’re interested in music scenes a little further afield you will definitely be interested in reading the feature on Sled Island in Calgary and the interview with festival curator Colin Newman found on pages 18 and 21.

For something a little less musical, but no less interesting, check out the performance art/walking tour Debby Reis went on with the Miss Guides on page 8.
We’re looking forward to reading the September issue on paper. Until then, we hope you enjoy August online.