Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

By Jordie Yow

Dearest Discorder:

Talent!  Discorder is hosting a Talent Show! “Show Up, Show Off,” on June 3! Which entertaining and unusual skills will be displayed? It is a mystery! Perhaps you will have enough ability to win one of the glorious prize packs (graciously provided by Mint Records, Pacific Cinematheque and CiTR). It’s only $2 at the Astoria and you—yes, you—can be one of the many judges just by showing up. Included in the price of admission is a ballot upon which you can select your three favourite acts for the night. Show up early! Bring your talented friends! If you want to perform, make sure you register beforehand, then you don’t have to pay cover. There may still be time to register, email to sign up.

What a talented city we live in. One of the most heartbreaking parts of my job as editor is deciding which of the many, many talented artists in Vancouver to showcase each month. There are so many good artists that the hardest part is not finding new people to write about, but finding space to put all the things we want to write about.

Speaking of talent, we’re talking about talent by the way, look at the artists showcased in this issue. From established ones like the ever-so-Canadian, and talented Constantines (see page 8) and Pink Mountaintops/Black Mountain’s talented Steve McBean (page 6) to up-and-comers like the talented tropical trio No Gold (page 18).

No Gold is among the bands playing in this year’s Music Waste. Devoted to showcasing local music for cheap, it’s one of the best ways to check out the talented up-and-coming bands of our city. And if you have a $15 festival pass and a way to get between venues, this is one of your best chances to see ever so many great bands for so little. To see our picks for the fest, check out page 17.

For more unusual talents we’ve also gone and took a good look at Vancouver’s avante garde sound fest, Signal & Noise. This fest is the only fest in Vancouver devoted to looking at new ways of making sounds. See page 16 if that piques your interest.

Whatever your skill I hope you all show up to show off a bit on June 3 at the Astoria.

Cheers, talented reader, cheers,
Jordie Yow