Passion Emergent

“I’ve always thought of Devours as a punk project, and a very selfish project, because I do what I want, and I need to do it to keep myself sane.”

Ashley Shadow

A Long Time Coming

“I have been very excited about working on other people’s stuff too. This was just different.”

Late Spring

Creativity Through Chaos

“It’s not over until the band leader says it’s over, and that’s not going to be for a long time.”

Kim Gray

Feeling New Again

“I wanted to write these lovey, poppy songs, and I knew they needed their own entity.”


Sight and Sound

“So much of what we do is mythology-building and character-building.”

Under Review




Beach Church

Real Live Action

Discorder Fundraiser

w/ Frog Eyes, Weird Candle, The Backhomes, Malcolm Jack, Experience This, and DJs Guns N' Roses

Destroy Vancouver XV

w/ Peter Kutin, Bill Nace and Greg Kelley, Arma Agharta, Katherine Kline, Peter Courtemanche, Selectors’ Records DJ Brady Cranfield

tv ugly

w/ The Plodes, Z!k, Sweater Vest