White Lung

“I don’t like to think too hard about ‘punk’ or what that word even means. Basically, if you try to analyze it down to something…

Tough Age

Tough Age is a Vancouver success story in the making. The band — Jarrett Evan Samson on guitar and vocals, Penny Clark on guitar, Lauren…

Eric Campbell & The Dirt

Sundays are typically made for hangovers and sleeping in. But one blue-bird morning I find myself driving out to North Van for an interview with…

The Mouths

It’s a Wednesday night at the Wolf & Hound Pub, on the corner of West Broadway and Dunbar Street. I’m sitting with guitarist/vocalist James Leung…

Bear Mountain

Upon hearing the words “Bear Mountain,” you might conjure a tableau of fantastical imagery, marked by dark ominous woods and severe landscapes. More than likely…

Under Review



Prairie Cat

Got Nothin' (Triple Crown Audio Recordings)


Heartbreakology (independent)


Youth Captured (Independent)

Burning Ghats

Something Other Than Yourself (Independent)

Corey Abell

Rainwater Youth (Independent)


Outta This Place b/w Date Night (You Bring the Napalm)


In Good Humour

In Good Humour: The Ryan and Amy Show

"I got called weird a lot when I was younger because I was always trying to make people laugh. And they’d laugh or call me weird or laugh while calling me weird, but I realized then that I always wanted to be goofy"

Real Live Action

Hot Panda

w/ Joyce Island, Mise en Scene, and Fast Romantics

The Passenger

with Cloudland Canyon, Nam Shub, and High School Heroin Addicts
October 14th @ The Cobalt

Jacco Gardner

with The Royal Oui, and Village.
October 8th @ The Biltmore

B.A. Johnston

with NEEDLES//PINS, and Babysitter
October 4 @ The Astoria

No Joy

with Diane
October 2nd @ The Media Club