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Heartbreakology (independent)

Review by Justin White

The long-awaited follow-up to the acclaimed debut album from Vancouver two-piece Hermetic doesn’t disappoint. Though Heartbreakology is only half the length of a regular LP, it’s better than most.

Between Heartbreakology and their last recording, Hermetic have not only gained focus and coherence as songwriters, but also the willingness to branch out. “Company You Keep,” with its whistled intro and catchy drumbeat, almost comes across as, dare I say, happy?

But being chipper isn’t Hermetic’s forté, as demonstrated by the dark harmonies and depressing harmonica in “Goodness Greatness/Murder Ballad,” probably the best song on the release. This is the perfect rainy-weather driving music, and it even comes in a cassette, so you know you’re rocking it in your rusty Civic.