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Outta This Place b/w Date Night (You Bring the Napalm)


Review by Justin White

Needles//Pins (prounounced “needles and pins,” like the Sonny Bono song) are back. For those of you unfamiliar with the group, they’re a power-pop-punk band from right here in Vancouver.

Singer Adam Ess’ voice is gravelly and the rhythm section plays mostly straight, simple stuff — so why are they good? Because they write amazing songs. Also, the guitar work is melodic, favouring multi-stringed patterns for leads over more traditional guitar solos.

The A-side, “Outta This Place,” is no crazy departure from their 12:34 LP, but the B-side is different: a little slower, a little poppier, and it features some nice pop touches like hand-claps and guest vocals by the Ballantynes’ Vanessa Dandurand. Two solid songs to make a solid seven-inch.