Under Review

Burning Ghats

Something Other Than Yourself (Independent)

Review by Monika Loevenmark


In early September, Vancouver hardcore band Burning Ghats released their fourth album, Something Other Than Yourself. The release follows the band’s first tour through the States where they got Brad Boatright, who also worked with Vancouver band Baptists, to master the album in Portland, Oregon, and had the opportunity to play the Punk is Dead Festival in Lancaster, California.

Following two years’ worth of writing, this release marks the band’s first full-length, coming in under 20 minutes. In doing so, they have produced a successfully dynamic hardcore album that gives the Vancouver scene great representation. The album marks a significant transition period for the band as many of the songs included input from previous members. The album shows a band finding their sound and appearing a lot more confident in their songwriting.

The transitions on the album flow effortlessly, as the tracks seamlessly work their way into a fantastic pinnacle, as first hinted on the third track, “All Night Vigils,” thanks to the building lead guitar parts. As the album moves forward, it’s carried forward by the intensity of “Grief Ritual,” a song that is largely one long grind-crust riff. By the seventh track, the album finds its darkest and heaviest moment in “Carry the Head.” The 10th and last track on the LP, “Gold Sores,” is a bold and significant departure from the rest of the album, starting with an extended 50-second pause and comes in at just under seven minutes. It stands confidently on its own with a quiet gap enabling the listener a moment to change gears and ready themselves for a longer, slower song that features guest artist Night Mother’s instrumental noises.

Burning Ghats will be celebrating this hard-hitting release with a show on November 22nd at the Astoria.