Under Review

Prairie Cat

Got Nothin' (Triple Crown Audio Recordings)

Review by Natalie Dee

Succinct and breezy, the first release from Prairie Cat in four years is just 11-minutes long, but the effort by Vancouver-based musician Cary Pratt shows that he hasn’t forgotten how to create a pop EP worth listening to. Having recently performed at Rifflandia, Pratt shows that he can hold his own when he’s not working with other local bands (including SHiNDiG alums Pineapple).

With sharp, honest lyrics and a catchy keyboard tune, the titular track has a direct message: “If I’ve got nothing nice to say / I just say nothing at all.” The simplicity of the track compliments the downhearted lyrics, effectively tying the song together. After that is “Beautiful Baby,” a notably upbeat track in comparison, with crooning vocals and cheery guitar overlaid onto a rhythmic keyboard track, upholding the minimalistic feel of the release.

The final full-length song on the EP, “Some Friends May Go,” is a return to melancholy, making the most of Pratt’s percussion talents. He takes the emphasis off of the lyrics and onto the instrumental, the utilization of sweeping strings and slow builds setting this song apart from the rest. The 19-second outro, “Music Box,” is exactly what the title promises, a simple tinkling melody, which fits perfectly into the refreshing less-is-more feel found throughout Got Nothin’.