Stefana Fratila

  The day I sat down to interview Stefana Fratila, a month away from the release of her album Efemera, Pitchfork featured another Vancouver electronic…

Levitation Vancouver

It’s festival season, though most music-loving Vancouverites already know that. With some of the continent’s biggest and best music festivals already come and gone, the…

Tim the Mute

The man behind the scrappy twee punk project Tim the Mute, is Tim Clapp, and he can only be described as someone operating on another…

Under Review


Running Back (Lefse Records)

Joel Plaskett  

The Park Avenue Sobriety Test (Pheromone Recordings)


Deep In The Iris (Arbutus Records/Flemish Eye)


Sincerity. (Self-Released)


#2 Demo (Self-Released)


Real Live Action

John Wiese

w/ Mass Marriage, Aileen Bryant


With Ballet School and Mu
May 5 @ The Media Club

Music Waste Fundraiser II

Featuring Lt. Frank Dickens, S.P. Davis, Burnside, Kellarissa, Adrian Teacher, and Mourning Coup
May 2 @ Toast Collective


With Ramzi
April 24 @ The Planetarium