Data Romance

Looking to get into some synth-heavy jams, but have too much self-respect to listen to Skrillex? Then Data Romance is just what the musical doctor…


Contributing to a calm generational clash, Babysitter front-man Kristian North and I drink afternoon Caesars in Logan’s Pub, a Legion-esque establishment in Victoria. Forested by…

Cameron MacLeod

Cameron MacLeod and I sit in a booth at The Five Point, a lively pub on Main Street. He orders us a pitcher of beer…

SHiNDiG 2012 Winners

There is a superstition surrounding SHiNDiG about a “curse” that befalls its winners whereby they are banished to obscurity after some indeterminate amount of time…

Discorder Revisited

Discorder Magazine is 30 years old this month, and what better way to say, “Happy Birthday!” and reconnect our present with our past than to…

Under Review


Vessel   (Shitknife)


Nothing to Nowhere



Here’s The Thing

Valentine's Day: My Undying Fear of the Little Naked Kid and His Bow and Arrow of Doom

Real Live Action

Winter Waste

with Apollo Ghosts, Peace, Lié, Cascadia, Nervous Talk, The Passenger, and Half Chinese.
January 19 @ The Astoria.

Burning Ghats

with Night Mother, Dead Again, Bear Mace, and Night Terrors. January 18 @ The Astoria.

Boogie Monster

with Hitori Tori, and Half Chinese
December 29 @ The Astoria