Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

by Laurel Borrowman

Happy 30th birthday, Discorder! Indeed, you do seem to just get better as time passes. If you were a person, I’d be showering you with gag gifts, baking you the most delicious angel food money cake imaginable, pub crawling with you on Main Street, and getting the sickest Vancouver supergroup to wail the most punk rock version of “Happy Birthday” you’ve ever heard. In string bikinis.

But, you are a beautiful and unique glossy-covered magazine, so instead we’ll fill your pages with fond memories and the people who made them since you were conceived in that glorious February of 1983.

I’m humbled and honoured to be at the helm of this landmark issue of Discorder, but at the same time I feel like a bit of a fraud. Kind of like a kid taking credit for her first-place exploding volcano science project that was actually constructed by her dad. So to thwart any inklings of that and prove worthy, we’ve dedicated a considerable amount of content to the seeds that made the mag grow, some of which you’ve already seen on the cover, where art director extraordinaire Jaz Halloran made a kick-ass tribute to issue one, volume one, of Discorder. With confetti. We also chat with founding editors Mike Mines and Jennifer Fahrni about the conception of this magazine from CiTR, along with a bunch of other nostalgic tidbits throughout the pages.

While January was tough for Vancouver’s creative community, we’ve done our best this month to highlight the positive stuff that this city has been, and still is, the foundation for, and the positive stuff this city has grown into, and is now. Keep your chins up, gang. There’s still so much good here.

More proof, you say? Then open your eardrums to the airwaves where we’ll have special programming for Black History Month and Fundrive, CiTR’s annual fundraiser, now in its eighth year. Call in to the staff and volunteers from February 28 to March 8 to donate to the station and help keep the 75-year-old station going for at least another 75.

On that note…

Read on and stay rad,

Laurel Borrowman