Some of the best lessons in life come from high pressure moments.  While slow-cooking can result in some mighty fine meals, sometimes you just have…


"Going forward, I'm working on trying to write and connect with art a little bit rather than it being as personal. More surrealist."

“I like to be a bit tongue-in-cheek as opposed to taking a direct approach. To look at something from the other side — there are…

Colin Cowan

Colin Cowan is a sonic astronaut. Outwardly he’s incredibly cool and collected, but when Cowan speaks, it’s clear his mind is always ticking with a…

Dada Plan

Over several beers at the eclectic Lido, Discorder chatted with Dada Plan frontman Malcolm Biddle about mutual crushes on White Fence, other musical influences, and…

Under Review


Bedroom Safari (Self-Released)

Dead Soft

Dead Soft (Kingfisher Bluez)

High Ends

Super Class (Dine Alone)

Sinoai Caves

Beyond the Black Rainbow (Jagjaguwar)


Moondance (1080p)


In Good Humour

In Good Humour: Nima Gholamipour

“I think Pizza Trish is my most popular character. It’s a woman that works at a pizza hotline and whenever she answers the phone she says, ‘Hi, ‘dis is Pizza Trish. What’s yo’ dish?’”

On the Air

On the Air: Power Chord

“A lot of bands share members and play together. Everyone supports each other. There isn’t a specific “Vancouver sound” but it's cool to see bands from Vancouver make it to an international stage.”

Real Live Action

Shindig, Night Six

Alea Rae, Poles, Scotty P & The Virgins
November 25 @ The Hindenburg


with Baptists and Torch Runner
October 25 @ Biltmore Cabaret


with Naomi Punk and Mass Marriage
October 9 @ Antisocial

The Drums

with Beverly
October 10 @ Fortune Sound Club


with Tough Age
October 13 @ Fox Cabaret

The Sonics

with Thee Manipulators and The Flintettes
October 2 @ Rickshaw Theatre


with Sex Eye Make Up, Mourning Coup, //zoo, Weird Candle
October 3 @ Rainbow Connection