Under Review

The Flintettes

Open Your Eyes (La Ti Da)

by Hailey Rollheiser

The Flintettes’ debut EP, Open Your Eyes, is comprised of three energetic tracks. The songs juxtapose lead singer Michael Flintoff’s punk vocals with the blissful harmonies of Marissa Johnson and CC Rose, resulting in a unique blend of pop, punk, and rock, reminiscent of a ‘60s garage band.

Charming listeners by combining efforts, the trio’s chemistry is apparent throughout the release. “Open Your Eyes” asks the eternal question, “Is it love or infatuation?” When it comes to this release, listeners may find that the free-flowing album is the perfect union of both. Each melody is infused with a sweet synergy of vocals, guitars, and drums. This synergy allows the Flintettes’ sound to be both unified and distinct.
The album’s second track, “What Was One,” features punchy lines like, “What was one is now two / You’ve torn it into two” against a frenetic guitar riff. The last track, “It Could’ve Been Love” is an upbeat pop tune about love that could have been.
For an album that is all about romance and relationships, it also manages to be hard-hitting and lively. An example of this is the mellifluous interaction between Johnson and Rose’s light, fluttery harmonies, and Flintoff’s hard, raw vocals.
Listeners will connect with the relatable lyrics, pop beats, and general authenticity of the Flintettes. Overall, the three tracks blend together into one catchy, upbeat release that distinguishes the Flintettes as an inventive local band to watch out for.